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08/11/2020 - Xbox Series S Controller Leaks, Chipotle Has Tony Hawk Burrito

The next Remedy game will share a universe with Control and Alan Wake

08/06/2020 - Activision Celebrates Record Profits, PS5 Controller Changes

Dan and some other familiar faces will be part of Street Fighter V's final season of DLC.

08/04/2020 - 343 Addresses Halo Concerns, Spider-Man Exclusive to PlayStation

Nintendo adds former glitch back into Animal Crossing as a feature in new update.

07/30/2020 - Metal Gear Unlocks New Scene, Avengers Items Coming to Fortnite

Red Dead Online's new NPC will drug you if you kill animals

07/23/2020 - Ubisoft Takes Action After Allegations, Rocket League Free to Play

Also, Square Enix asks gamers to be patient for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Sequel.

07/23/2020 - Tommy Tallarico Announces Amico Reveal Event

Intellivision Amicoâ„¢ Special Event Reveal, Announcements, Live Comments and Q&A!

07/21/2020 - Microsoft Ends Yearly Subs, Nintendo Reveals Cadence of Hyrule

Bungie announces fans looking forward to Beyond Light expansion will have to wait until November 10th.

07/16/2020 - Protestors Take Over RDR Online, Controversial CoD Skin Renamed

The US Military is also using esports as a new recruitment tool.

07/14/2020 - Ubisoft Forward Premiers via Stream, PS5 Gets Closer to Retail

And Devolver Digital Brings the E3 Experience to Cyberspace.

07/09/2020 - Ubisoft Responds to Misconduct, Gesture Removed from CoD

Also, the Rated-R Superstar is a preorder bonus for WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

07/07/2020 - Evo 2020 Cancelled, Xbox Games Showcase Dated

We may have our first look at standard next-gen game prices.

07/07/2020 - Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Statue (You'll LOVE in 2020)

Harley Quinn and The Joker are the most dysfunctional couple of all time, but she's flying solo in Injustice 2. We unbox this awesome figure from Diamond Select, that would make even the likes of Poison Ivy jealous!

07/07/2020 - Get a Charge FAST with Mobile Edge's High-Capacity Power Bank

This Mobile Edge device can charge up to three gadgets quickly and safely!

07/02/2020 - Crysis Remastered Delayed, Tencent Starts US-Based Studio

The new PlayStation Indies initiative is also here, to bring unique content to PS4 and PS5.

06/30/2020 - Last of Us II Beats Spider-Man, Ubisoft Suspends Executives

Ubisoft also confirmed it is re-examining its policies and plans to reform them to better deal with these issues.

06/25/2020 - PlayStation Bug Bounty Launched, Pokemon Unite Announced

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is back, and Sony wants to pay you for finding bugs.

06/23/2020 - Crash Bandicoot 4 Announced, Min Min Joins Smash

Billy Mitchell is back in the Guinness book, Crash Bandicoot 4 is coming soon, and Smash has yet another new fighter.

06/18/2020 - Pokemon Snap is Back, Kingdom Hearts Set for 2020

Pokemon, Horizon, and Kingdom Hearts make up the news this time, giving a wide variety of nerds stuff to look forward to.

06/16/2020 - No E3? Summer Gaming News Wrap-up - Part 2

The weekend was so full of gaming news it's almost impossible to keep track, but the biggest reveal was of course the PS5.

06/11/2020 - No E3? Check Out Our IGN Expo Wrap-up

E3 was cancelled, but we got video game news events anyway. Here's what happened on day one.

06/09/2020 - PS5 Event Rescheduled, Hints to Bungie's Next Game

The "Future of Gaming" is finally arriving after a slight delay.

06/04/2020 - Sega Reveals Game Gear Micro, CoD Seasons Postponed

Delays intended to help boost black voices are spreading throughout the games industry.

05/28/2020 - Street Fighter Gets Final Season, PS5 Reveal Coming Soon?

It looks like we're getting ready to give Street Fighter V a proper sendoff.

05/26/2020 - Sony Gives a Freebie, More Last of Us Gameplay Footage

Is Sony Planning a Surprise for PS Plus in June?

05/21/2020 - GTA Reaches Milestone, New Game Plus is Latest E3 Alternative

Gamers won a small victory against Denuvo this week.

05/19/2020 - Paper Mario Comes to Switch, Gamescom Goes Online

Nintendo is firing from the hip, and Ubisoft is firing its lawyer lasers.

05/14/2020 - Unreal Engine 5 Revealed, Mafia Getting Compilation Package

Mafia is back! So is Tony Hawk! Also, video games are about to get fancier.

05/12/2020 - Tokyo Game Show Cancelled, Ubisoft Moves Forward Without E3

COVID-19 continues cancelling events, and a new studio seeks to disrupt AAA traditions.

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