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03/27/2020 - FFVII Remake Physical Copies Will Likely Be Delayed

If you ordered a fancy physical Final Fantasy VII Remake copy, you might not get it on release day.

03/27/2020 - Resident Evil Resistance Beta Postponed for PS4 and PC

If you're on PS4 or PC, you'll have to wait a bit longer to play Resident Evil with your friends.

03/25/2020 - Valve Expects Community to Mod Half-Life: Alyx

You'll probably be able to play Half-Life: Alyx without a VR rig, but you might not enjoy it.

03/25/2020 - Nintendo Closing Repair Centers in North America

Mario is putting his trusty wrench away while he's social distancing.

03/24/2020 - Konami US PR Denies Silent Hill Rumors

So is Silent Hill coming back or not? Geez!

03/20/2020 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rated in Korea

It's only a matter of time before Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is official.

03/20/2020 - GameStop Closes CA Stores Following Lockdown Memo

GameStop is trying to leverage its accessory stock to stay open.

03/18/2020 - Microsoft Announces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

Microsoft is adding a few new Perks for Ultimate subscribers.

03/17/2020 - PlayStation 5 Reveal Coming March 18, 2020

Once again, a new opportunity to talk about hardware numbers is coming up.

03/17/2020 - Coronavirus Could Delay Smash Bros. DLC

Sakurai is taking reasonable precautions; Smash news will have to wait.

03/13/2020 - Facebook Post Accidentally Leaks 2020 Tony Hawk Game

Yet another reason companies should just do away with NDAs protecting video game announcements.

03/11/2020 - DOOM Eternal Won’t Run at 4K/60 on Stadia

Bethesda needs more than just teraflops to get DOOM Eternal running and looking its best.

03/11/2020 - E3 2020 Officially Canceled

Video Game Christmas has been canceled.

03/10/2020 - 2K Games and NFL Reignite Their Partnership

We're about to see more NFL than just Madden on the shelves.

03/06/2020 - Art Company iam8bit Resigns from E3 2020

E3 2020 keeps getting hit with bad news.

03/06/2020 - Coronavirus Ripples Through the Game and Fandom Markets

COVID-19 is starting to mess with video games.

03/04/2020 - You Can Raise a Virtual Pet in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This is the Tamagotchi successor you didn't expect.

03/03/2020 - Developers Butt Heads With Nvidia Over GeForce Now

Nvidia seems to be rubbing some developers the wrong way.

03/03/2020 - Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Released

Final Fantasy VII Remake is real, and everyone can sample it now.

02/28/2020 - Monster Hunter Film Teasers Revealed by Capcom

Yeah, that Giant Jawblade is gonna be dope on IMAX screens.

02/28/2020 - Blizzard Launches Quarterly Update Blog for Diablo IV

Work on Diablo IV is progressing, and Blizzard is now sharing the details.

02/26/2020 - WWE Hall of Famer’s Activision Lawsuit Upheld

Booker T may be taking it easy in the ring, but he isn't taking it easy on Activision.

02/26/2020 - Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft Brings a new Mode to Brawlhalla

Tomb Raider and Ubisoft are coming together in an unexpected way.

02/25/2020 - Microsoft Reveals Official Xbox Series X Specs

Here's the first big spec reveal for Microsoft's next console.

02/25/2020 - Grimes Spoiled Her Cyberpunk 2077 Character’s Backstory

Grimes spilled the beans on her Cyberpunk 2077 backstory, and apparently that wasn't part of the plan.

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