Recent Limelight on Video Games Affects Public Opinion

Recently, the media has been very focused on violent and pornographic content in video games (hot coffee, anyone?). Because of the spotlight the media has placed on this issue, Phoenix Marketing Institute did a study to see how people felt about video games.

More than one-third of the general population and video game market responded that, "recent news stories about video games will make me reconsider the types of video games I purchase for myself or others."

Still, three-quarters of those surveyed revealed that they believe "the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is doing a good job and that it is ultimately the parents responsibility to control what their children play."

And two-thirds of respondents agreed that "video games are not just for kids, adults have the right to play sometimes offensive games." Gamers were more likely to agree with the statement than non-gamers.

It seems that recent coverage on the video game industry has allowed people to make more informed decisions about video games, but most seem to feel that parents should be monitoring their children during game play.

by lindsay
07/19/2005 10:10AM
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