Grandma Sues Over Hot Coffee

Well, we all predicted didn’t we? Our country has become pretty sue-happy (after all, this isn’t the first time someone has sued over hot coffee). Finally, an eighty-five year old grandmother has sued Take-Two Interactive over the Hot Coffee Mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She bought the game for her fourteen-year old grandson while the game was rated M (for audiences 17 and up). Now that the game is rated AO (for audiences 18 and up), she is accusing Take-Two of engaging in "false, misleading, and deceptive practices."

Apparently, this grandmother doesn’t mind if her fourteen-year old grandson participates in drug dealing, assault with a deadly weapon, battery, murder, vehicular homicide, racketeering, sex with prostitutes (after which he can beat them up and get his money back) or stealing cars, but God forbid that he is allowed to watch consensual sex during which one person remains fully clothed.

I would like to suggest that if this fourteen-year old was smart enough to hack into this sex mini-game on his own, it probably isn’t the worst he’s seen.

Expect about a billion more class-action lawsuits to follow if this one sees any success.

by lindsay
07/28/2005 10:44AM
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