New Additions to Xbox 360

Bill Gates has announced that future models of the Xbox 360 will absolutely include HD-DVD drives. Microsoft has recently partnered with Toshiba to bring the format to their console. This should make for a good battle against Sony’s Blue-Ray technology.

Xbox 360 Light Synthesizer

Also, Microsoft has decided to put Neon, the latest version of hypnotic light synthesizer software, onto the Xbox 360.

Light games have become increasingly popular as home entertainment systems get more complex. Game consoles are also becoming increasingly complex and are being used as entire entertainment centers rather than just video game systems.

With Neon, gamers will be able to control aspects of light effects with up to four controllers manipulating the effects at one time. Any aspect that users do not control will be under an audio-driven autopilot system.

Jeff Minter, the creator of Neon commented about his own ideas of how he will use the technology.

"I know that as soon as I get mine it'll be hooked up to my music server and my plasma telly and I'll never again listen to music at home without a lightsynth accompaniment. I am sure that many more non-game applications will emerge as game consoles transition into media hubs."

by lindsay
07/29/2005 11:00AM
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