Picketing and Protesting Against GTA:SA Begins

With all the outrage surrounding Take-Two Interactive for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one would think they were harboring terrorists. The Peaceoholics, a nonviolent organization, is planning to picket the corporate headquarters of Take-Two in Manhattan. Two busloads of people from Washington D.C. to New York to participate in the protest.

The Peaceoholics were founded in 2004 by Jauhar Abraham and Ronald "Mo" Moten. The group has previously protested Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at Washington area Best Buy stores. They have also worked with D.C. Councilman Adrian Fenty to make sales of adult games illegal to minors.

"This game makes y’all look like garbage, and you sit around and laugh about it and play it like some fools. If you play San Andreas, you a fool. I’m telling you...Why would I play a game that lets me kill police officers? Kill pregnant women? Rob banks...You don’t have to commit a crime to know that you’ll go to jail for it," the Washington Post quoted Moten telling a group of teens.

He is quoted saying, "everybody at one time wanted to be just like Michael Jordan. When they saw Mike on TV all the time, they wanted to be like Mike...When they play this Grand Theft Auto all day, kids as young as eleven and twelve with no mothers at home with them, they’re going to be influenced."

The group also plans to protest an upcoming game by director John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood) called Fear & Respect that features Snoop Dogg. "We’re going to go after Singleton even harder," Moten explained. "He’s been sucked into this thing where money is more important than the welfare of his brothers."

Despite the group’s stance, they have admitted to the Post that there is no conclusive evidence that links games to criminal activity.

by lindsay
08/01/2005 08:40AM
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