Rockstar's "Bully" Gets Bullied by Jack Thompson and Others

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Take-Two Interactive, it does. As the limelight on the Hot Coffee mod of San Andreas begins to dim, new outrage has surfaced over Rockstar’s upcoming game, Bully.

Rockstar explains that the game allows players to be a "troublesome schoolboy" who "stands up to bullies, gets picked on by teachers, plays pranks on malicious kids, wins or loses the girl, and ultimately learns to navigate the obstacles of the fictitious reform school."

The game has not yet been rated, but predictions are that the game will warrant a M rating.

Bullying Online, an organization designed to end bullying on school grounds in the United Kingdom is hoping to get the game banned in the UK.

"This game should be banned," Liz Carnell demanded. "I’m extremely worried that kids will play it and then act out what they’ve seen in the classroom...Bullying is not a game by any stretch of the imagination. We have around four suicidal children contacting us every day."

Of course, no protest about a video game would be complete without Miami’s Jack Thompson putting in his two cents.

"I and others are today calling upon you to STOP the release of Bully. ‘Columbine’ changed the face of America, but you are about to come out with a game that celebrates, glamorizes, and trains kids to do what Klebold and Harris did. Are you nuts?" he wrote in a letter to Paul Eibeler, Take-Two President.

With all due respect, Mr. Thompson, we aren’t completely sure it is Eibeler who is nuts. We are sure more will unfold in this story so keep checking back.

by lindsay
08/02/2005 12:28PM
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