Killer 7 Releases this Week

Killer 7 by Capcom is set to release on Thursday July 7, 2005. Players are Harman Smith, a sixty-year old man who is also the world’s top assassin. He has been hired by the USA to stop a terrorist named Kun Lan. The terrorist has announced he plans to release something called "Heaven Smile" that he claims will kill millions. Seven operatives with different skills and abilities will help him to complete his mission along the way. But wait, is it really seven different operatives, or is it just seven of your multiple personalities? It seems to be the latter which makes the game very interesting.

You can buy this game for $49.99 beginning this week. The game is rated M for Mature.  Check out our PlayStation 2 and GameCube cheat codes for this game now.  We will have a full review for this game later in the week.

by lindsay
07/05/2005 09:50AM
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