WoW: Research Shows Guys Often Play as Girls

Nick Yee, a twenty-six year old graduate student, has developed The Daedalus Project. The project studies the lifestyles of those who play massively multi-player online games (MMOs). He publishes a bi-monthly online magazine that features his research.

"The media portrays gamers as loners who play by themselves or, at best, with people they don’t know," Yee explains. Yet, Nick’s research shows differently.

For instance, half of the women in one study of thousands of gamers indicated they played the game with a romantic partner. More than a third of gamers play with family members.

Twenty-three percent of male gamers that play World Of Warcraft play as females. Three percent of women play as men. This means that half the female characters are played by males. Why would men want to play as women?

Yee explains, "Female characters get treated better in the online world. It’s easier for female characters to get freebies and goodies." He also suggests that men may rather look at female butts or they find it another way to dominate the female body.

So next time you think you are getting beat by a girl, there is a good chance that you aren’t.

by lindsay
08/04/2005 08:45AM
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