Ridge Racer 6 Xbox 360 Online Details

Namco released online details for the next installment of their popular racing series titled Ridge Racer 6. The game which is promised to launch alongside the new system from Microsoft, will feature head to head competition and downloadable content via the Xbox Live service.

Ridge Racer fans throughout the world are ready to get behind the wheel and take the game online for the first time in the history of the series via the Worldwide Online Multiplayer Battle system. Players will be able to race head to head with anyone in the world, upload their personal records from RR6’s Time Attack mode to see how they compare, and download ghost data to race against their friends best time or to see if they can beat the best in the world. Namco has also suggested they will support the Xbox Live Marketplace which will periodically have new cars available for downloads.

by vaughn
08/05/2005 11:00AM
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