Project Gotham Racing 3 (X360) Contains Revamped Hidden Game

Bizarre Creations has confirmed that "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved" will be hidden within Project Gotham Racing 3 due at the Xbox 360 launch. This is great news for anyone who played the original Geometry Wars hidden within PGR2. To play that version, simply load the game, go to the garage. Press [Y] to enter "walk mode", and head over to the arcade machine. Press [A] whilst standing in front of the machine and you'll find yourself in a retro blastathon!

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved will feature many new enhancements and will run in high def and widescreen. We can’t wait! Oh yeah, and we can’t wait for PGR3 too.

by vaughn
08/08/2005 11:49AM
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