Video Game Addiction Leads to Man's Death

A twenty-eight year old man in South Korea died on Friday from an exhaustion-induced heart attack blamed on his video game addiction.

The man had lost his job last month due to his video game addiction. He started playing computer games at an internet café on Wednesday morning and died after fifty hours of non-stop game play. A friend had tried to convince him to go home, but the man insisted on continuing to play. The owner of the café commented that he tried to at least persuade him to take a nap in the office, but he refused. He also would not eat. After fifty hours of non-stop game play, the man died.

"Computer game addiction, just like alcohol and drug addiction, is a disease accompanied by withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and depression...It can easily affect people who are compulsive or introverted, and they need constant help from those around them so they can be treated," Park Yeong-woo, the head of the mental health department at Daegu Fatima Hospital, told Digital Chosinibo.

by lindsay
08/09/2005 10:31AM
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