"Bourne Identity" Franchise Comes to Video Games

Vivendi Universal has announced a ten-year licensing deal with Ludlam Entertainment in order to develop games based on the novels Bourne and Cover One. These video games will not be based off the movies.

After seeing the popularity of the Tom Clancy games and the interest young audiences took to the "Bourne" films, Ludlum Entertainment decided to licensing the titles to create games off the popular franchise. They conducted an auction with six major video game publishers before selecting Vivendi.

"We realized this series was now appealing to a demographic that isn’t familiar with the books. The best way to contemporize it for them further is through video games," explained Jeffrey M. Weiner, Ludlum Entertainment CEO.

"We’ve devoted a huge amount of resources to secure the Ludlum franchises and start making the games, and we expect them to be a pillar of VUG’s success for years," commented Bruce Hack, chief executive at Vivendi.

The first game is due to release in 2007. Check back for further information about the game as we find out.

by lindsay
08/10/2005 09:54AM
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