Sniper Pleads Guilty to Shootings; Jack Thompson Files Suit Against Video Games (Again)

Charles McCoy Jr., the Ohio highway sniper that committed a series of random shootings and vandalism in 2003 and 2004, has plead guilty.

A defense psychiatrist had testified that McCoy was trying to silence voices in his head that called him a "wimp" for not standing up to mocking from television shows. McCoy is known to suffer from schizophrenia.

Relatives of McCoy told that he played video games in his basement for a long time. His games included Max Payne, Dead to Rights, The Getaway, and State of Emergency.

Since McCoy played video games, Jack Thompson has announced that the games trained McCoy to shoot at vehicles (is this getting redundant to anyone else?). Thompson is representing Gail Knisley’s, the sole woman killed in McCoy’s shooting spree, family in a civil case.

S. Michael Miller, a defense attorney for McCoy, commented on the case to the Toledo Blade. "As a person, not as Charles McCoy’s attorney, I think these video things can be very damaging to people...if you see enough of this violence, I think it is surreal."

Charles McCoy is currently sentenced to the next twenty-seven years in jail.

by lindsay
08/10/2005 10:07AM
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