American McGee Coming to a Bookstore Near You

What’s better than a game based off a really good book? How about a book based off a really good game? Cellar Door Publishing and The Mauretania Import Export Company (TMIEC) have signed an agreement to publish graphic novels based on Bad Day LA, American McGee’s Oz, and American McGee’s Grimm.

Bad Day LA will be based on the stories and characters in the upcoming game. American McGee’s Oz will use the dark, edgy elements of the game. American McGee’s Grimm will create a child’s fairytale world in a twisted way.

"Cellar Door has taken on three projects that are dear to me," said McGee. "Graphic novels are a natural extension into the stories I develop and build. Graphic art drives each and every one of the stories that I write, from the character concepts to the environment sketches, each new project becomes a fount of imagery. I am excited, and I think fans will be too, that Cellar Door is going to open this flow of imagery to the outside world, and in the best way possible."

by lindsay
08/12/2005 07:24AM
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