NBA 2K6 Features Exclusive Hip-Hop Songs

NBA 2K6 Features Exclusive Hip-Hop Songs

Thankfully, EA still does not have exclusive rights to the NBA, and this has allowed for the creative 2K Sports to present us with a NBA 2K6 game that sounds pretty cool. Or at least the soundtrack does. In a further merging of the music and video game worlds, 2K Sports has announced that their newest basketball game will have fourteen original tracks created exclusively for the game by hip-hop artists like The Roots, Common, RjD2, Jean Grae, Aceyalone, Aesop Rock, Lyrics Born, Zion I, Hieroglyphics and more. The artists will also appear in the game and players will be allowed to play as their favorite artists.

"Basketball and hip-hop culture have always been connected at the street level, so we wanted to ensure that NBA 2K6's vibe is as authentic as the gameplay," commented Tim Rosa, director of marketing and promotions for 2K Sports. "By featuring exclusive original tracks, accompanied by both a tour and the ability to play as select musicians in the game, our pioneering approach to music integration marks a turning point in what is possible in the video game industry."

Wait, did he say tour? That’s right hip-hop fans, the "2K Sports Bounce Tour" is traveling to more than thirty cities this fall. And if you can’t make the concert, the songs will be available on a CD called "The Tracks" released by Decon Records.

The game is set to release this fall for the PlayStation2, Xbox, Xbox 360.

by lindsay
08/12/2005 07:30AM
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