Jack Thompson and Protesters Attack Hillary Clinton Over Video Game Ties

As we reported earlier, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has accepted a $1,000 per-plate charity breakfast hosted by Entertainment Software Association President Doug Lowenstein and Electronic Arts executive Steve Schnur. This is interesting because Clinton has been such a strong proponent of video game legislation recently. Lowenstein is against that, and we would imagine Schnur is as well.

Lately, nothing can happen in the video game world without Jack Thompson coming to the scene. Jack Thompson and the Peaceoholics (the same group that recently protested against Rockstar, see our coverage) are planning to protest outside the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington D.C. on the day of Clinton’s breakfast. Thompson says that "the Peaceoholic kids will be protesting, loudly, at the September 14 fundraising breakfast for Hillary right there in their hometown of Washington D.C."

by lindsay
08/15/2005 10:18AM
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