Darkwatch Shipped to Retailers

Capcom has announced that Darkwatch has shipped to retailers.

"Capcom is set to turn the first person shooter genre on fire as Darkwatch is released upon the masses," commented Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "Featuring blood thirsty vampires, the old wild west, stunning visuals and spot on gameplay, Darkwatch will be an experience that gamers can't wait to sink their teeth into."

"This is the ultimate milestone for every game development company," said Rick Olafsson, CFO and COO, High Moon Studios. "Today is when our video game, one that has been years in the making, leaves the hands of its creators hopefully to affect the hearts and minds of many gamers. With all of the elements of a high-caliber, memorable entertainment experience in place, and with the great support Capcom has given the title, we believe Darkwatch will establish itself as a successful franchise."

The game allows players to join the adventures of Jericho Cross, a person turned into a vampire. The first person shooter will be available on the PS2 and Xbox. It is rated M and will cost $49.99.

by lindsay
08/17/2005 09:41AM
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