Epic Plans for Unreal Engine 4 (and They're Hiring)

Anyone looking for a job? How about helping Epic Games develop an Unreal Engine 4. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. We have barely scratched the surface of the awesome power that Unreal Engine 3 can provide our games with, and Epic is already working on an Unreal Engine 4. In fact, they say they have been working on it for two years already.  And they are looking for some talented developers to help them out. Currently, the company is on a recruitment drive for U.S. and international talent.

"We have several job openings right now and we’ll consider any application, for an advertised job or not, if we think the person will be a genuine asset to our team. We’re looking for programmers, engine developers, animators, artists...everyone. We want quality people with world-class skills that can be a good fit with our team and our goals on both sides of our business-games and engine technology," explained Mark Rein, vice president at Epic Games.

He further commented, "We’re really looking to hire the best in the industry. Nobody should imagine they’re paid too well now or that they’re too entry level to apply. We want to talk to anyone who has the potential to be at the top of industry. We’re looking for talent. Top talent."

"We really want the best of the best, people who today, maybe aren't even looking to change jobs, but who want to work on the cutting edge, who want to work on the future of gaming, and who want to work with the industry's best and brightest. There are insanely great developers sitting behind cubicles working soul-draining hours for big corporations that ultimately treat those developers as disposable resources. I like to think the most talented among them are secretly harbouring the same passion and intensity for technology and gaming innovation that we do. We want them to realize that Epic is looking for people like them and that we're secure and prosperous and could be the long-term career they're dreaming of but don't know it yet. We view people as our key assets and we have a compensation structure that reflects that with a bonus plan, working environment and benefits that are second to none. We want people to join our team expecting a lifelong career rather than just a job. At around 60 people we're not a big faceless company. The fact that we have two game teams and an engine team at that size shows that our philosophy is to out-think our competitors rather than out muscle them. The Unreal Engine, and the huge investment in tools we've made for it, is the secret weapon that allows us to do more with fewer people and then redirect the fruits of our work back into the hands of those people. But our plans are bigger than our staff and we have the room so now is the time for smart expansion."

Sounds pretty cool to me. And if you get the job, make sure to clue Cheat Code Central in on how awesome the Uncreal Engine 4 really is going to be.

by lindsay
08/18/2005 12:25PM
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