UPDATE: Next-Generation GTA Screenshot Exposed!!

Rockstar has officially denied the screenshot for the next-generation Grand Theft Auto that we had posted earlier. We apologize for that (believe us, we are pretty disappointed it isn’t real too). But we promise to bring you real screenshots when Rockstar releases them in the future so stay tuned!

A screenshot for the next generation of Grand Theft Auto was released on the internet yesterday along with suggestions about the future of the game.

The shot was released with suggestions that the game will be first released on the PlayStation 3 with "online possibilities". The game is suggested to be six times larger than San Andreas with 350 different cars. It is claimed players would have to make sure the cars had fuel and if they don’t, stop shooting to fill ‘er up.

And we are all baffled when we heard that the game would introduce a "system of creation of animals". They got us as to what that means.  Maybe we get to raise farm animals?


by lindsay
07/06/2005 11:22AM
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