Ecko's Getting Up Under Pressure for Encouraging Graffiti

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure has taken a lot of pressure. Organizations like Keep America Beautiful and the National Council to Prevent Delinquency have warned about increased vandalism once the PlayStation 2 version of the game is released next month. They have encouraged that the ESRB give the game the highest rating possible.

Atari has issued a statement that says "the focus of the game is on expression through art; the hero is typically equipped with only paint, and never guns..."

Marc Ecko has planned a block party on August 24 that would have promoted the game. Previously, the party had been approved for a permit, but it has since been denied because Ecko wanted to use replica subway cars to spray graffiti. Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor, felt the activity would encourage people to graffiti real subway cars.

"There is a fine line here between freedom of expression and going out and encouraging people to hurt this city," Bloomberg said. A spokesman for the mayor's office added, "The city isn't obligated to permit an event on a public street that encourages the vandalism of subway cars in the name of selling T-shirts and video games. The courts should uphold our ability to protect New York City's quality of life."

Ecko plans to file a federal lawsuit to force Bloomberg to allow Ecko to hold the graffiti block party. Check back for more info about the story or learn more about the game by reading our previous coverage.

by lindsay
08/19/2005 09:48AM


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