Rockstar's "The Warriors" Battle Jack Thompson

We don’t know where he will be next (since he is onto a new campaign by the time we get around publishing his old campaign), but Jack Thompson is after Rockstar Games again. This time, he is angry about The Warriors, a book turned movie turned game, that is set to release in October. The plot is about a gang in NYC called The Warriors that must make their way home to the Bronx without getting killed.  Find out more in our preview of the game.

Thompson, again full of empty threats, has written a letter to Patricia Vance, president of the ESRB, to stop the publishing of the game. He mentions that "the movie spawned so much copycat violence twenty-six years ago that Paramount stopped advertising the movie and released movie theaters from their contractual obligations to exhibit the film...This game will be a gang-banging simulator, and it will lead to real violence. The game will pose a public safety hazard, and that is not even debatable, not after the American Psychological Association’s blockbuster Resolution released two days ago...In fact, it should not be sold to anyone, given the public safety hazard it poses."

He concludes, "Either the ESRB slaps an AO for Adults Only rating on the above murder simulator, or I and others will undertake steps to make sure that happens..." We are not sure at this time who the "others" are. He continues to write, "I intend to make the ESRB do its job for a change. Do it, or else." Or else, what?

by lindsay
08/19/2005 10:09AM
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