Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack Available Now!

Microsoft announced today that the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack rated M for Mature is available at retailers across America for a mere $19.99. This marks the first true expansion pack for a console game.

Spend the money to get this expansion pack and you will be buying yourself many more hours of action-packed gameplay for your Halo 2 game. The pack features nine new innovative and intense multiplayer maps that display a wide range of environments. These are:

Containment: a chilly, icy outdoor area that is perfect for vehicle combat and large team-objective games.

Warlock: a small indoor arena that offers opportunity for a wide variety of games

Turf: a mid-size urban area that features dark and narrow streets and heavily defended buildings

Sanctuary: a location in the ancient ruins of a Forerunner temple

Gemini: a small location set in space above High Charity

Relic: a mid-size map set on a beach littered with wreckage from a dropship

Elongation: an area that allows for a variety of games in a challenging environment featuring a moving conveyer belt and narrow passageways

Terminal: a large scale map with an active monorail for team player games

Backwash: a display of a large swamp in a mist-filled environment

You will also receive special content including an animated bonus feature and an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary that includes interviews with designers. So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy now!

by lindsay
07/06/2005 11:31AM
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