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Dota 2 put their International Battle Passes up for purchase early last month, which traditionally raises prize pools for the Dota 2 International competition. This year was a little different, in that it allowed buyers access to a four-player co-op campaign. Titled Siltbreaker, the campaign was set to take place in the bleak reaches of the Dark Reef. There are two acts in the campaign, which is now open.

In Act I, you discover that Siltbreaker has awakened in the Dark Reef. You are summoned to beat the evil back into his slumber. The Conclave of the Brine does the summoning and they request that you first defeat Rhyzik the Corruptor before taking on its creator, Siltbreaker. Between yourself and three friends or randomly met party members, you'll search through the Dark Reef looking for Rhyzik. Once you've found and defeated him, you'll have the opportunity to take on Siltbreaker in Act II.

During the Dota 2 campaign, you will get completion stars based on how well you play. One or two stars for completion will get you Battle Point rewards. If you complete a zone with a three-star performance, you'll get a prize from Siltbreaker. These treasures will allow you the chance to win an incredibly rare Immortal Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier. If you have a Battle Level of 165 or higher, you'll get double the Siltbreaker treasures for each three-star performance. There are also opportunities to unlock achievements that will give you more Battle Points.

So what are you waiting for? The Conclave of the Brine awaits you and your brave friends to hunt down Rhyzik and defeat Siltbreaker!

Source: Dota 2 Blog

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 06/09/2017

06/09/2017 06:15PM


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