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Arma 3

In today's, “I had no idea that game was still getting content” news, Arma 3 is getting another add-on this fall! Laws of War was announced today by Bohemia Interactive. The DLC is set to release on September 12 and will bring in an entirely new perspective to the game.

Arma 3's Laws of War DLC will put players in the boots of Nathan MacDade, a member of the International Development & Aid Project faction. His job is to find and deactivate mines that have been left behind after the war in the Republic of Altis and Stratis. It's an interesting take on a traditional war game, and certainly makes Arma 3 a unique draw. The IDAP equipment that Laws of War introduces includes a new drone that can haul cargo and help with demining operations, a van with many variations, an EPERS mine dispenser, and all kinds of new clothing and other equipment. There are also smaller things like a time trial for the van and drone, and a training mine.

Laws of War releases at the same time as a general update for Arma 3. This update is of course free for everyone and probabl,y most interestingly, it introduces unexploded ordnances. Therefore, all of the bombs and mines within the game might not detonate when they're supposed to. Be wary of where you step from now on in the game, as this could be a real problem. There are also two new scenarios that introduce the IDAP and allow you to take one of their training courses. With them, the IDAP brings all kinds of new supplies (IV bags, food sacks, blankets, etc.), cluster bombs, decorative objects, and new Steam achievements.

Oh, and you can also drop leaflets from your new utility drone. These can be custom designed however you choose, and then you can make the sky rain with pamphlets for others to pick up on the ground. Sounds like plenty to explore both on the free and paid side, so check it out!

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun & Arma

April Marie
April Marie

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Date: 08/11/2017

08/11/2017 06:25PM


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