Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Has a Release Date
Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Fans of Final Fantasy XV will have their chance to play the game all over again on their mobile devices soon. The Apple App Store has already listed a release date for the iOS version of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. It looks like it'll be releasing on February 9, 2018. There's a Google Play store page for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition as well, but it does not yet list a release date for the game. Does this mean Android fans will have to wait a bit longer? Or did Apple just list the release date a tad too soon?

It's hard to say if any of the above is true, but at the least we know Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will be coming to every iOS device near you in February. The first episode of the game will be free for everyone to play. The second and third will cost $0.99 a piece. And finally Episode Four and onward will run at $3.99 each. There will be ten episodes in all, and those who just wish to buy the whole package at one time can for $19.99.  

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has already been making waves for its unique art style. It's of course very different from the way the original Final Fantasy XV looks. But if you can get past the bizarreness of the way the characters look, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is set to tell the very same tale of the original. Mobile game fans will be able to experience the story and wonder of Final Fantasy XV on a smaller screen. It's also a good chance for fans of the original to play it all over again under different context.

Will you be checking it out?

Source: Apple App Store via MCV

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 01/29/2018

01/29/2018 02:25PM


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