Star Wars: Battlefront II to Get Clone Wars Content
Star Wars Battlefront II

Anyone looking for Star Wars: Battlefront II information lately has been turning to the development team's Design Director, Dennis Brännvall‏. He seems to be much more upfront about things than the rest of the team, as proven once again in the Star Wars: Battlefront II forums when he was asked about Conquest mode, Clone Wars content, and customization options.

Brännvall simply responded “Yes,” to questions about Clone Wars and better customization, but that's more involved than anything anyone else on the development team has said. There's no saying as to what exactly this all entails, but we at least know some Clone Wars based content will be coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II. And we'll also be able to customize our characters even more than the current options.

As far as Conquest mode is concerned, Brännvall had a bit more to say. The team has supposedly heard everyone's cries for a bigger and more open mode like Conquest. He said the team is working on making this a reality, but he doesn't have any concrete information to share yet. He did reference porting over a mode or ruleset by saying he didn't think that was the right thing to do. However, with no “for sure” statements made yet, it's hard to say what will happen. Perhaps Star Wars: Battlefront II will get a Conquest mode that everyone is already familiar with, or maybe a new and similar mode will be created.

If there's anything we can most likely count on, it'll be that Brännvall will be there with the information when it's available. 

Source: GameWatcher

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 02/08/2018

02/08/2018 12:50PM


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