Star Wars: Battlefront II Microtransactions Return
Star Wars Battlefront II

As we all recall, Star Wars: Battlefront II's impending doom of microtransactions was removed just a hair before its release. This was done with the intention of putting them back later. This reintegration has happened with a new patch. With it comes massive changes to how Star Wars: Battlefront II's progression works.

Let's start with the super good news, first before we move on to the equally good, but slightly less exciting stuff. First off, all heroes and hero ships have been unlocked for everyone. There are no more massive playtime requirements or trips to the bank required. A similar thing has happened in Star Wars: Battlefront II's Arcade mode, where all weapons and Epic Star Cards have also been unlocked.

Just as awesome, but slightly less huge, is the change in how Star Cards are earned. You'll no longer be able to purchase Star Cards with real world money. They can only be earned through gameplay. This is true for any other item that alters how you play. As you've probably already guessed, this means that Star Wars: Battlefront II's loot crates will only contain cosmetic items and credits from now on.

You're probably wondering where the microtransactions have been moved to. Those are coming in April 2018. Crystals will be the new in-game currency bought with money. These will allow players to buy skins for their characters that will not change gameplay. With it, EA will have fully revamped the most hated microtransaction/loot box system in gaming history. 

What do you think of the changes? Are you content with them, do you think it's not enough, or do you merely think it's too little too late? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

Source: GameSpot

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 03/21/2018

03/21/2018 03:15PM


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