Below Will Release (Sometime) in 2018

You've no doubt heard of Below from Capybara Games at this point. It was originally announced back in 2013 at E3, and finally now has a release window. After five years of development, Capybara Games is certain that they will be able to release Below before the year is out. 2018 is the hard release plan for Below, with a more conclusive date to come.

Artist and producer Dan John Cox from Capybara Games had a chat with Gamereactor, at which point he expressed the team's hopes for the game's release. Essentially they knew they needed to set themselves a solid goal. But they don't want to announce the final date until they are absolutely sure that the game is complete. After all this time Capybara Games wants to at least meet fans expectations, but hopefully exceed them.

The entire team at Capybara Games is very excited and happy to know that after all this time, people are still supporting them. They figure with all these good vibes years after their game announcement, fans will be willing to wait just a little longer. We know for certain that the wait will be worth it as far as graphics quality goes, as Cox had something to say about that as well. Below is currently running on 4k at 60 fps on Xbox One X.

Keep your hopes high and your eyes peeled for Below's release date some time later this year.

Source: Gamereactor

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 04/11/2018

04/11/2018 02:20PM


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