Billy Mitchell Removed and Barred from Twin Galaxies (Update)
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When The King of Kong, the documentary about Donkey Kong world record score-chasing, premiered, it narratively portrayed longtime gaming star Billy Mitchell as the villain. Meanwhile, rival Steve Weibe was the upstart underdog who couldn’t quite defeat the final boss. Both men have since been overtaken in the years since, but Mitchell was long considered the first to ever break one million points. But now, due to Twin Galaxies’ recent dispute system, Mitchell’s scores have been rendered null and void.

Twin Galaxies released a statement today, laying it all out. Now that the Twin Galaxies community has the power to bring dispute to recorded scores, scrutiny quickly fell on Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong history. Turns out, while Twin Galaxies requires scores to be recorded on original hardware, especially in the case of Donkey Kong, tiny details were noticed that confirmed Mitchell was using something else for many of his high score submissions.

As a result, not only has Mitchell been stricken entirely from the record, he has also been banned entirely from Twin Galaxies. In restrospect, this now makes Weibe the actual first million-scorer, and that is now recognized in official Twin Galaxies capacity. It’s unclear exactly what Mitchell used to play Donkey Kong, but speculation has pointed to a MAME cabinet. Twin Galaxies was not able to 100% determine that, however.


Billy Mitchell has issued a statement to Old School Gamer Magazine. As a note, he is on the advisory board of said magazine. 

Source: Twin Galaxies 

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 04/12/2018

04/12/2018 01:05PM


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