Anthem Exploit Lets Players Wreak Havoc With a Level 1 Gun

A rather great Anthem exploit has been found, and it happens to involve one of the easiest to find guns in the early game. Players have discovered that the level 1 Defender Rifle, which is a "common" category weapon you get early in the game, has a damage output that is better than other rifles in the game, including ones you might be using in the endgame like a level 45 Ralner's Blaze Rifle.

Here's what's going on. Anthem is a game with a lot of bugs, which might shock some people. This exploit is caused by one of them. If people have accumulated a lot of other high level gear, then equip the level 1 Defender Rifle, there is a reaction. The way the default loadouts work, it would then scale up and make this gun much more powerful than it should be. Hence it being good to slay creatures it shouldn't be able to even really scratch. 

Thanks to the Reddit post, a number of BioWare team members have been made aware of the bug and commented on this Anthem exploit. That means the March 12, 2019 patch for the game could make the Defender a normal gun again. So if you want to be the most powerful freelancer out there for a short time, you better go start playing immediately!

On the bright side, that upcoming patch is going to do more than just remove this popular Anthem exploit. It will also apparently eliminate the issues that are causing the game to crash on the PlayStation 4. Which will be super helpful, since some of those crashes have reportedly been bricking some players' PS4s and leading to Sony offering digital refunds for the game.

Source: Reddit

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 03/08/2019

03/08/2019 09:40AM
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