An Anthem Boycott Over Loot Drop Rates Is Picking Up Steam

Anthem has been doing a lot of things to draw people's ire, like causing PlayStation 4s to crash or apparently become bricks. But there's an issue that everyone has been incensed about for a while, and that's the loot drop rate. BioWare scaled it back to make it harder to find the good stuff, and now people are organizing an Anthem protest to rail against the change.

See, at launch there was a big increase in Anthem loot drops. This meant people were getting good equipment they might actually use at a rather steady pace. It turned out, this was due to a bug and wasn't how things were supposed to be. BioWare fixed the "problem," ruining everything and tanking the rates of acquisition. This understandably made people upset, especially as they were just learning how to play the game and get their feet wet. Which led to the call for a protest this week.

The Anthem boycott began March 11, 2019 and will run until March 15, 2019. The goal is for people to completely abandon the game for five weekdays to send a message to BioWare and EA. The hope is that a drastically reduced player count, which would mean less microtransaction income and distressing rates that could dissuade newcomers from opting in, would show the developer and publisher that there is a desire for a sense of fairness.

BioWare and EA have not yet responded to the Anthem boycott. However, since it was announced on March 11, 2019 on Reddit, over 12,400 people have upvoted it and over 2,000 people have commented on the situation.

Source: Reddit

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 03/12/2019

03/12/2019 10:05AM
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