Throw Bigger Parties With the New PS4 Firmware Beta
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Who’s ready to throw some bigger parties? Sony has been sending out additional PlayStation 4 firmware beta invites to people, giving them a chance to try out the 7.0 update. Well, not only to the people who get the emails. Each one of the beta access codes can be used 20 times. This is because a big part of the test involves 7.0’s biggest feature, larger parties.

With PS4 firmware 7.0, parties can have 16 people in them. Previously, eight was the limit. When someone enters into the beta, then they no longer have the ability to use Share Play or join parties with people who aren’t. That’s why the beta codes have 20 downloads. It is so people have a proper testing environment and can still play with others while this is going on.

In addition to the larger parties, PS4 firmware 7.0 makes a few other big changes. One has to do with HDR. If you can support that sort of display option, then you can enjoy HDR tuning on a system-wide level. People participating in the beta can go into the PS4 or PS4 Pro’s options and adjust it to their liking.

The last major change in this beta has to do with the updates themselves. Typically, when someone updates PS4 firmware, the system goes through the motions and then restarts. Well, This PS4 firmware beta makes it so that won’t always be necessary. Sometimes, after updating, people will be able to just go ahead nad keep doing what they’re doing. There will also be some updates automatically installed, though people can go to System Software Update Files to turn off Auto Downloads.

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 07/26/2019

07/26/2019 09:30AM


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