BioWare Abandoning Anthem Season Plans

While it might seem like Anthem is dead, especially since the decorations from its Christmas event and various bugs are still present, it is still kicking. BioWare has announced a plan to hopefully revitalize the MMO. This means it is going to keep the version of the game available now going, but it is planning a reboot. That also means the seasonal update plan has been shelved completely, meaning there won’t be any new content arriving while progress is made.

In the Anthem update, Director Casey Hudson said that the goal is a redesign. This will change the game’s progression, goals, loot, and endgame. This will be done in place of the seasons it had previously planned and any possible expansions. While this is going on, it is going to hopefully create a core experience that will meet people’s expectations. 

As for current activities, Hudson said that what was in Anthem before and a part of the past three seasons will be coming back. He noted the Cataclysms that already ran or events that appeared will be brought back into the game for people. It will also keep selling items in the in-game store for people to buy. So if people missed some of the past events and activities in Anthem, they will see those come back around while BioWare works on the game.

Anthem has been available since February 22, 2019, and it is nearing its one-year anniversary. The game was designed to be a Destiny-like shooter with RPG elements and loot-collecting, albeit with a focus on flying in the different Javelin suits people can acquire and equip. It faltered after launch, due to gameplay issues and lack of proper support.

Source: BioWare

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

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Date: 02/11/2020

02/11/2020 10:30AM
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