World of Warcraft Card Game Coming Soon

Upper Deck Entertainment has announced plans to team up with Blizzard Entertainment to create a trading card game (TCG) based on World of Warcraft.

"The World of Warcraft TCG will perfectly capture all of the action-packed combat and furious competition that online players have come to expect," commented Jerry Bennington, Senior Vice President of Upper Deck Entertainment. "There are a myriad of similarities between online and TGC gaming communities; Blizzard and Upper Deck have focused on creating products that both support and capture the imagination of these gamers. With the combined efforts of these two great companies the World of Warcract TCG will be nothing less than phenomenal."

"TCG’s have always been very popular with Blizzard’s development teams, so we’re especially excited to be working with Upper Deck to produce a card-based World of Warcraft game," said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard Entertainments president and co-founder. "In addition to offering our players a new way to experience Azeroth, this new game will also introduce World of Warcraft’s fantasy setting to a whole new audience."

"Upper Deck is proud to offer a robust organized play structure which allows players to come together for special events from all around the world," Jeff Donais, UDE Director of Game Development, expressed. "Among the activities, players will be able to build their decks and attend events that let them challenge Onyxia, or raid Molten Core in an attempt to defeat Ragnaros with the hopes of getting powerful Epic cards. We expect tempest of activity surrounding the game and plan to support it to the fullest for many years to come."

The TGC will be available in the Spring of 2006.

by lindsay
08/22/2005 01:06PM
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