Advent Rising Million Dollar Contest Cancelled

Majesco has announced that they will not be having their Advent Rising million dollar competition due to security issues. The contest was going to give a one million dollar prize to entrants who found a hidden letter in Advent Rising. Bogus entrants that hacked the game code or upload code to Xbox Live may have caused the halt of this contest.

The press release read "Majesco Entertainment and Xbox Live have determined there to be no technically feasible solution that would allow the contest to continue in a fair and secure manner. As such, we apologize for any inconvenience, but we must unfortunately cancel the contest".

Majesco has said that if entrants send in a proof of purchase from their Advent Rising game by September 15, they may have your choice of two items from Majesco‚Äôs back catalogue.

by lindsay
08/24/2005 09:00AM
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