Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Edition Info; Novels Coming Soon

So, you may have noticed the Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Edition bundled with the Xbox 360 and had your interest piqued. Here is the info we could drag up for you about this game. In addition to the game and a manual, the limited edition will include a bonus disc that includes a video feature called The Art of Perfect Dark Zero, the Kepi & Kat music track, PDZ Gamer Tiles you can use to assist your ID on Xbox Live, a PDZ skin for the 360 user interface, a Perfect Dark Zero Glyph Card, a special edition PDZ comic booklet called Hong Kong Sunrise, and chapter one of the novel Perfect Dark: Initial Vector.

Wait, did we just say novel? That’s right, Perfect Dark diehards. Three novels starring Joanna Dark will be coming out. The first is called Perfect Dark: Initial Vector. It will introduce readers to the Perfect Dark universe and provide the story leading up to Perfect Dark Zero. The novel was written by Greg Rucka with TOR Books. It will be on store shelves on October 4.

The game’s plot is a prequel to Perfect Dark. Shady corporations are in the midst of a secret war in their quest for world domination. Joanna Dark and her father Jack are fighting for the future of the planet. You must guide Joanna Dark as the seeks to become the perfect agent.

by lindsay
08/24/2005 10:32AM
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