New Possible Features for PSP

Izumi Kawanishi, Sony’s platform development chief, has spoken of a keyboard and mouse and Macromedia Flash support along with expanding Javascript functions for a future PSP upgrade. A Global Positioning System device may also be available.

He stated that the company needed to determine Flash’s performances on the PSP before deciding to use it. Previously, security issues have caused Sony to leave out some Javascript support like allowing scripts to access the UMD. A guideline manual is planned to release so content providers can make web pages catered to the PSP.

"When a web page is displayed on the PSP, all data is managed in the handheld’s main memory. The browser does not use the Memory Stick Duo accessory to display web pages (though it is technically possible), because as removable media, unexpected errors can occur if the stick is removed during use. Kawanishi added that displaying saved HTML files from the Memory Stick is technically possible and will be kept under consideration for future updates," Kawanishi explained.

by lindsay
08/26/2005 10:45AM


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