Disney MMO Coming this Fall

Sony and Disney Online have announced an agreement to bring Disney’s Toontown to stores this fall. The PC game will sell for $19.99 and will include a two-month subscription to the online service ($9.95/ month after that). Sony has also gained rights to make an online version of Toontown for consoles.

"Platform Publishing is working with Disney Online to make Toontown available in the places where families usually shop. Toontown is a breakthrough game that has introducted MMOs to the online family audience. Now we will be introducing the game to a whole new audience who may not have downloaded it in the past. Additionally, we will begin working with Disney on the potential to create Toontown versions for online-enabled game consoles," commented John Needham, chief financial officer and senior vice president of business development for Sony Online Entertainment.

"This is a great opportunity for us to partner with Sony Online Entertainment, a leader in the retail MMO space," stated Steve Parkis, vice president of premium products for Disney Online. "We feel that our trusted brand and unique game offering that appeals to the entire family is a natural fit for the retail marketplace. And as the connected console marketplace develops,, we want to be among the first MMO family titles."

by lindsay
08/29/2005 11:04AM
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