Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Tennis 3, and More

Sega has still not revealed a price for the Lindbergh arcade board, but it showed trailers of Virtua Fighter 5, House of the Dead 4, After Burner 4, Power Smash 3 (Virtua Tennis 3 in the US), and Psy-Phi at the recent 43rd Amusement Machine Show.

The Lindbergh board will be more costly than other current arcade platforms, but will use PC architecture, an Intel Pentium 3 with 3GHz, an NVIDIA GPU with dual-screen output, and a sixty-four channel Digital Signal Processor for the audio.

The trailer from Virtua Fighter 5 showed that all the characters from Virtua Fighter 4 will return. VFR Evolution’s Brad and Goh will be featured in the game, but VF 3's Taka-Arashi did not appear in the trailer. Two new characters, a female fighterand a Lucha Libre-style masked wrestler were shown.

Virtua Tennis 3's trailer demonstrated the game’s realistic graphics, high resolution, and real-time rendering. The game will feature top tennis players as playable characters.

Psy-Phi, a new "shooting fighting game", will only use a touch screen for it’s controls. When a player wants to attack, he will touch his enemy. When he wants to dodge an attack, he will touch the corner of the screen to which he wants to dodge. The game features a third-person point of view and allows players to fight one-on-one battles where the objective is to beat enemies by attacking them. An IC memory card records play data and character customization. The game is set to release in Spring 2006.

by lindsay
09/02/2005 10:40AM


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