EA Cracks Down on Battlefield 2 Cheaters

Because of gamers trying to exploit Battlefield 2, EA is working to make the game fair to every gamer.

The main way people are exploiting the game is by setting up a ranked server and having informal rules that allow gamers to only use pistols and knives and revive each other while not taking flags. This game play style allows players to rise more quickly in the ranks. This gives them quicker access to the game’s unlockable weapons and greater priority when players fight for a commander position in the game.

"We have noticed an increase in behavior where leased servers are being used by clans solely to pad players’ stats even to the extend where clans are institutionalizing rules that forbid normal play," wrote Colin Clark from EA. He warned that the imbalance in the ranked server playing field violates the game’s terms of service.

EA is taking action against the offenders involved. Anyone caught on these servers will have his status stripped and accounts sharing that person’s clan tag will be examined for anomalous stats.

by lindsay
09/02/2005 10:47AM


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