Juiced Looking Sweeter as It Comes to the PSP

Juice Games has announced it is squeezing its best-selling Juiced game onto the PSP. The game will be called Juice: Eliminator and will be designed with a single-player mode and wi-fi multiplayer. The game will include improvements including eight new characters, eight new tracks, and two new locations. Nine brand new cars and over one hundred new body kit components will be featured along with post-racing movies running in full-screen and new modes for single-player.

A new mode called Eliminator (hence the game name) is suggested to be very intense in multiplayer.

"Our objective has been to evolve the Juiced brand significantly for PSP by introducing completely new game modes, new cars, new tracks, new characters, and a new styling, all while improving key features from Juiced such as Pink Slip and Crew racing. We’ve focused on developing comprehensive new wi-fi gaming modes and have spent considerable efforts tailoring the game flow and user interface to make the experience work on a handheld device," Tim Preece, Director of Handheld Games and Juice Games, is quoted saying.

by lindsay
09/08/2005 10:44AM


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