The Most Expensive Virtual Sex Ever

We all remember the story (or most of us do). The enormous Grand Theft Auto modding community discovered a hidden sex scene in the San Andreas game and before you could figure out how to unlock the complicated mod, Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson, and others were shouting for the game to be given a new rating. Consequently, the game was rated AO for Adults Only in America and banned from Australia.

That little hidden sex scene named the "Hot Coffee Mod" in GTA:SA ended up costing Take-Two Interactive $28.8 million dollars last quarter. The company’s shares also dropped 7.4 percent. Take-Two believes that they also had to lower full-year estimates for a delay of Grand Theft Auto in Japan and the delay of a release of Bully for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 into the next fiscal year.

Take-Two has lowered its earnings forecast from $1.05 to $1.12 a share to 85 cents to 90 cents a share. The company has also lowered its sales predictions from $1.26 billion-$1.31 billion to $1.22 billion-$1.27 billion.

by lindsay
09/08/2005 10:55AM


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