Control Any Home Media Device With Your PSP

SkipJam Corp, a leading provider of home media networking solutions, has announced it is working with the PSP to allow it to control any home media device. Through the browser and internet connection, the PSP will be able to function as a wirelesss remote for TVs, DVDs, stereos, lighting, and other consumer electronics. IMedia users can also play their digital recorded content like music, photos, or videos in any room of the house. Favorite song lists, DVDs, or TV shows can be bookmarked for easy access.

"Supporting the PSP is part of our ongoing commitment to provide users with a wide array of control options," commented Michael Spilo, CEO of SkipJam. "We want our users to be able to pick up any portable device and use it as an integral part of their whole-house experience."

IMedia requires the V2.0 firmware upgrade and is available to SkipJam users for free. New products will incorporate the PSP interface option at no additional cost.

by lindsay
09/20/2005 08:35AM


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