EA Cements NFS: Most Wanted Release Date For X360

It’s official. Electronic Arts has went on record stating that it’s next iteration of the Need For Speed franchise subtitled: Most Wanted, will be in stores November 16th, 2005. Eagle eye readers will duly note that this date is almost a full week before the Xbox 360 system launches on November 22nd, 2005.

So what are you going to do with your brand new game that you can’t play? We’ll leave that up to you. Use your imagination.

Microsoft on the hand has not actually committed to an actual launch date for its first party titles, prefering to reference them as being released during "the launch window". We aren't sure when that launch window is going to "open" but we're assuming it will be around the 15th of November. Until Microsoft goes on record, we'll just have to settle for speculation.

by vaughn
09/21/2005 11:32AM


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