New Mario Arcade Game

Nintendo and Namco have teamed up to bring us a new arcade game. The game is called Mario Kart Arcade GP and will offer classic Mario Kart action with eleven characters like Mario, Luigi, Peack, and Wario. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Blinky will be new to the arcade game. Each character will have different driving abilities. The game will be a two-player game, but can be linked for four-player action as well.  The game allows players to race around the course and collect crazy items to toss at your enemies. Gathering coins will increase your speed.  A device called the NamCam 2 will allow you to insert your face in the character image of your choice.  The game should provide hours of fun for any Mario fan.

by lindsay
09/26/2005 11:58AM


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