Warhammer Returns With Mark of Chaos

Namco has announced that it is bringing Mark of Chaos to the PC in late 2006. The game will be developed by Black Hole Entertainment who plans to take a different approach to real time strategy that keeps more to source material. Instead of having gamers worry about aspects of the game like base management, it allows them to focus on the actual game.

Mark of Chaos takes place one year after the Great War when Chaos armies swept through the Empire only to be pushed into the Northern Wastes. The united High Elf and Empire forces search their land to exterminate and remaining Chaos hordes. Warbands continue to pick at the border lands and new Chaos Champions are trying to rise to unify what is left of the Chaos armies. The game’s armies include the Empire, the Skaven, the High Elves, and Chaos. Each of the armies can be joined in battle by "dogs of war" which include orcs, dwarfs, vampires, and goblins.

Detailed graphics that can provide a bird’s eye view of the battlefield or let players recognize warriors by the insignias on their armor will be featured in the game. Fully customizable units will also be available for players.

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by lindsay
09/28/2005 12:34PM


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