Check it Out! Madden 06 Mistake Will Make You Laugh

We usually focus on the serious aspects of gaming in our news section, but we decided to entertain you today with a little humor of the Madden football world.

New York Jets lineman Michael King appears as seven inches tall in the game. In reality, King is 6'3", but we would imagine this mistake isn’t doing much for his ego.

According to Phil Frazier, a Madden producter, this was the result of a typo in the spreadsheet that lists player attributes such as weight, height, and team affiliation. The spreadsheet reads height in inches and expects two-digit numbers. King’s height was mistakenly entered as "727" which the system interpreted as seven inches tall.

The mistake was accidentally put into the roster updated on September 16 and was corrected by September 19. Yet a similar mistake can be found in the shipping version of NCAA 06 Football for those of you that may own the game.

"You can barely see him on the field, unless you go into replay (mode)," Frazier explained. "He’s a tiny little guy."

"It wouldn’t affect play," Frazier said. "He would literally look like a little speck. If he was the running back, the ball would be so big he would literally be inside the ball, and the ball would (look like) it was moving around on the ground (on its own)."

by lindsay
09/28/2005 12:40PM


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