Metal Gear Solid 4 Info

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, has revealed more information about MGS4. The game does not take place as far into the future as everyone had first suspected because of Solid Snake’s decrepit appearance. Since he is a clone of Big Boss, he has aged quicker than most humans. Revolver Ocelot will return for the game. Since the game takes place during a war, Snake will sometimes be caught between two or more opposing sides that have no affiliation with him. The armies will battle and destroy the entire landscape, leaving Snake with "no place to hide". Snake could make friends with one side by killing their enemies and thereby earning their respect.

Kojima has also mentioned that he is interested in implementing more psychological warfare into the game. For instance, Snake may be able to make noises at guards in order to surprise them and making them less efficient when trying to kill you. Kojima states that this feature may not be implemented as much as he wishes, but he is going to try his best.

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by lindsay
09/30/2005 01:33PM


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