Nintendo Becomes Even More Dog-Friendly

Ubisoft has announced that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with MTO Co., Ltd. that will allow the company to distribute Dogz, the first puppy simulation game. The game will be available exclusively for the Game Boy Advance. With the exception of Japan, Dogz will be available worldwide this November.

The game will allow players to name, train, and play with a realistic puppy. They can create and control a main character and choose from forty-nine different dogs of eighteen different breeds. Players will be able to take their dogs anywhere indoors or outdoors. They will earn the dog’s love by feeding and grooming it and rewarding it when it does things correctly. Players can teach the puppy tricks such as lie down, shake, fetch, and more.

Three mini-games will be available including Run Puppy Run!, Puppy Reversi, and Puppy Quiz. The game will also allow two Game Boy Advance owners to link their systems so the puppies can visit each other. After the game is completed, players can save the data for up to three puppies. When they go to the Always Together mode, they will be able to load a previous puppy’s data and play with it anytime.

"Ubisoft is pleased to bring such a unique puppy simulation game to the millions of Game Boy Advance owners around the world," Tony Kee, Vice President of Marketing at Ubisoft, enthused. "We are confident that players will enjoy caring for and watching their puppies grow, and we have a significant television campaign in place to get the word out about this extremely fun and rewarding game."

The game is rated E for Everyone.

by lindsay
10/10/2005 12:28PM


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