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06/26/2019 - Blair Witch Game Might Come to Other Platforms

It only has Xbox One and PC planned releases for now, but its developers say you never know what could happen.

06/26/2019 - The Steam Summer Sale 2019 Has Begun

The latest Steam sale has begun, and it is all about racing toward great deals.

06/25/2019 - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's Launch Didn't Top Pokemon Go

Harry Potter's going to have to work some magic if it wants to beat the pocket monsters.

06/25/2019 - NBA 2K19 Added Loading Screen Ads

Ads that last for 30 seconds and can't be skipped are popping up during NBA 2K19.

06/21/2019 - GTA Online Casino Opening in 2019

Get ready to roll those (virtual) dice in 2019.

06/21/2019 - Halo: Reach Beta Coming at the End of June

The time for Halo: Reach is almost here for PC players.

06/19/2019 - Sony Might Release Ghost of Tsushima in 2019

Maybe we'll be heading to Japan on our PS4s sooner than we'd expect.

06/19/2019 - Here’s Why the Breath of the Wild Sequel Exists

Too many ideas for changes and extras ended up leading to something special!

06/18/2019 - Here's Why the Switch's Pokemon Excludes Some Characters

Here's why the Galar Dex, and not the National Dex, will be in Sword and Shield.

06/18/2019 - Terminator May Join Mortal Kombat 11

Another leak suggests that someone "Will be back" for Mortal Kombat 11.

06/14/2019 - Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Be an Open World Game

Lots of Marvel's Avengers tidbits have been revealed regarding its scope, its campaign, and what players' team rosters could look like.

06/14/2019 - Atari VCS Can Be Upgraded, Run PC Games in Its Sandbox

The Atari VCS will have store-exclusive designs, abilities for people to upgrade parts of it on their own, and a Sandbox mode.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] LOZ: Link’s Awakening Wakes in September

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening isn't so far away for Nintendo Switch owners!

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] 2 Super Smash Bros DLC Characters Shared

Dragon Quest and Banjo-Kazooie will settle it in Smash.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Animal Crossing Switch Bumped to 2020

The next Animal Crossing won't take Switch owners to their own island until 2020.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Last Xbox One Backward Compatible Games Revealed

The last Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One X-enhanced games are here for the Xbox One.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake LE Is $330

Better have a lot of cash on hand for this limited edition.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Announced

Final Fantasy VIII is finally making a comeback.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Rainbow Six Quarantine Coming in 2020

The next Rainbow Six installment is hosting some new, foreign adversaries.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Beta in September

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will have a beta and might also have a Terminator.

06/11/2019 - [E3 2019] Watch Dogs: Legion Arriving in 2020

Get ready for everyone to join DedSec in Watch Dogs: Legion.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake Has a Release Date

The impossible happened at E3 2019. Final Fantasy VII Remake finally has a release date.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] DOOM Eternal Will Show Up in November

DOOM Eternal has some special editions and incentives that will last a lifetime.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Be an Xbox One Game

Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally going to leave Japan, though it will take eight years for that to happen.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] Halo Infinite Will Land in 2020

People will need to wait a while for the next Halo, as Halo Infinite now is among the Project Scarlett launch titles.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] Free Borderlands 2 DLC Released

Get ready for Borderlands 3 with some free DLC for the last entry.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] Microsoft Will Release Project Scarlett in 2020

People will be playing the next Xbox before 2020 ends.

06/10/2019 - [E3 2019] Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Revealed

Cyberpunk 2077 not only has a 2020 release date, but it also has Keanu Reeves!

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